Selected Works

Charts the nature and evolution of warfare in ancient China.
A tour de force on ancient Chinese ‘spycraft’
The theoretical chapters from the innovative T'ang dynasty military manual.
"The most accurate, conscise, and usable English language translation available"
The crux itself with contemporary implications.
"A remarkable text from the widdle Warring States period"
"Should be in every library"
"Should be read by anyone interested in Chinese military thought"
A categorical compilation of early Chinese martial wisdom.
"Best of all translations I have seen of Chinese military philosophy"
The martial Tao Te Ching
The most popular Chinese oracle

The Essential Art of War

   The Essential Art of War was created in response to requests for a succinct, readily accessible version of Sun-tzu’s remarkable but often enigmatic Art of War. Apart from encompassing significant new materials and being substantially re-orientated, it differs from our well known, single volume Art of War by excising material of interest primarily to scholars; drastically condensing the historical background; deleting the lengthy tactical analysis of the era’s pivotal battles; and only selectively discussing the core concepts. In addition, individual sentences and certain important passages have been somewhat revised in accord with crucial tomb text materials and slightly reshaped or rephrased to make them more accessible.
The newly written introduction, afterword, and chapter commentaries are designed to identify the core concepts; place the less obvious elements in context; elucidate key aspects and demystify their organic relationships; and broaden their interpretation within Sun-tzu’s essential vision. Contemporary resonances, strategic implications, and business applications are all suggested throughout.